Event Contact:

Virginia Mold, Coordinator

phone: (651) 643-6476

email: beef.expo@mnstatefair.org

1265 Snelling Avenue North

St. Paul, Minnesota  55108

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Event Hotel:

Ramada Plaza Minneapolis

1330 Industrial Blvd. NE

Minneapolis, MN  55413

(612) 331-1900



  1. The contest will be designed after the Minnesota 4-H Contest. All questions will be related to the beef industry. Complete Knowledge Bowl Rules will be posted on the Minnesota Beef Expo’s Junior Activities page.
  2. Teams will consist of four team members (three team members are not accepted). A team may have a fifth person as a substitute. A substitute can enter once, between rounds, and must complete the competition after entry.
  3. MATCH SET UP:  Each MBE Knowledge Bowl Contest will have three phases in a match:
    Phase #1 Individual questions (One question per player)
    Phase #2 One-on-one questions (Eight questions total; two per player)
    Phase #3 Open questions; anyone can answer (10 toss-up questions; two bonus)
    Overtime Three open questions; anyone can answer (sudden-death after that)SCORING:
    Phase  #1 5 points per correct answer; no loss of points
    Phase #2  10 points per correct answer; no loss of points
    Phase #3 10 points per correct answer; no loss of points
    10 points for correct bonus answer; no loss of points
    20 point team bonus if all four members answer a question
    Overtime 10 points per correct answer; no loss of points
  4. AWARDS: Awards will be given to the top two Junior and Senior teams immediately following the final contest.
  5. ENTRY INFORMATION: the early entry deadline is Monday, October 9, 2017. All late entries must be postmarked by Monday, October 16. Entries postmarked after October 16 will not be accepted.


Think you know the beef industry in and out? The Knowledge Bowl contest is for you. Get together a group of four friends and join us on Thursday, October 19 at 11:30 AM for our annual knowledge contest. It’s a perfect time to practice for the state quiz bowl contest too!


Pre-registration is required. Download a pdf of the entry form here.



11:00 am - Check-in at Warner Coliseum Concourse


11:30 AM - Contest begins


Contest awards will be given out after the competition


AGE GROUPS (as of 10/19/2017)

 Junior: Ages 13 and under

 Senior: Ages 14-21 years old

Questions? Please contact:

Kent Thiesse

(507) 381-7960