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Virginia Mold, Coordinator

phone: (651) 643-6476

email: beef.expo@mnstatefair.org

1265 Snelling Avenue North

St. Paul, Minnesota  55108

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Ramada Plaza Minneapolis

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Animals must have a legible ear tattoo corresponding to the purebred registration certificate recognized by the breed association to be eligible to show in a purebred division or class. Any animal not meeting these criteria will be moved to an appropriate commercial division or class. All breeding females must have proof of registration. This will be checked by the show staff at check-in.




1) Any youth may exhibit animals or participate in Junior Activities provided that they
are in at least first grade and have not reached their 22nd birthday on opening day of the Minnesota Beef Expo.

2) Any breed with fewer than five (5) entries may not be offered. Entries will be placed in another appropriate class.

3) All purebred entries must be registered or recorded with their respective breed organization.

4) Requirements to show in the breeding heifer classes:

  • Angus - must be registered as 100% Angus
  • British White Park - must be registered as American British White Park or British White
  • Charolais - must be registered as 31/32 blood or more
  • Charolais Composite - must be registered at least 50% Charolais
  • Foundation Simmental - must be registered as 1/2 Simmental, but not yet 7/8
  • Hereford - must be registered as 100% Hereford
  • Limousin - must be registered as ¼ or greater according to N.A.L.F percentages
  • Maine Anjou - must be registered as 1/4 or more
  • Red Angus - must be 1-A registered (100%)
  • Shorthorn - must be registered as 15/16 blood
  • Shorthorn Plus - must be registered as 3/8 blood
  • Simmental - must be registered as 7/8 or more
  • South Devon - must be registered as 1/2 or greater
  • All Other Breeds - Animals that have a registration paper but are not one of the above breeds. Please note there is not an All Other Purebred or All Other Composite division this year. Because of limited numbers, they have been combined.
  • Commercial - Any non-registerable animal


5) Any eligible junior that violates any of the rules of the MBE, or knowingly attempts to misrepresent an animal or its registration, or acts in an unbecoming manner, shall be disqualified for exhibition and no premiums shall be paid. Such action shall be taken as deemed necessary by the MN Beef Expo Executive Board.

6) Exhibitors must follow the International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) National Code of Show Ring Ethics. By entering, the exhibitor agrees to abide by the IAFE code of ethics. Submission of entry indicates acceptance of all rules, regulations, and releases associated with the event. Photos taken during the Expo by staff or official photographers may be used for promotional reasons.

7) All animals must be exhibited by the junior in whose name the animal has been entered. In the event that there is more than one entry per class, the animal may be shown by another MBE junior exhibitor.

8) All entries must be filed online before noon on October 15 unless purchased at the MBE sale. Entries for sale animals must be made at time of settlement. Each exhibitor will be limited to two (2) entries per class.

9) Entry fee of $40 per head must accompany entry, unless animal is consigned for MBE sale. Entry fee for animals purchased at the sale by a junior is waived. Bedding is included in all entry fees. There is an additional $20 fee applied for entries made after noon on October 13. Tie-outs will be made available at $20 per head.

10) Space is not guaranteed for grooming chutes and tack space will be limited. Juniors are encouraged to share grooming chutes and tack areas.

11) Barns will open for stalling on Wednesday, October 18 from 3 -8 pm. They will reopen on Thursday, October 19 from 8 am to 8 pm and again from 6 am on Friday, October 20. Junior entries will be processed Thursday, October 19 from 10 am to 6 pm and from 8 am to noon on Friday, October 20.  There will be no Saturday check in for animals.

12) For information on Junior Show entries or rules, contact the Minnesota Beef Expo at (651) 643-6476 or e-mail beef.expo@mnstatefair.org.



Friday, October 13, 2017 by noon



 Sunday, October 15 at noon


Junior show entry submission is now closed.



Early entry fee: $40/head

Late entry fee: (after noon

Friday, October 13): $60/head

Tie-out fee: $20/head

Showmanship fee: $5/exhibitor

Camper fee: $25/night






Cattle Health ID & Requirements

IAFE National Code of Ethics

Important Reminders for 2017

Questions? Please contact:

Virginia Mold

(651) 643-6476