Event Contact:

Virginia Mold, Coordinator

phone: (651) 643-6476

email: beef.expo@mnstatefair.org

1265 Snelling Avenue North

St. Paul, Minnesota  55108

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Event Hotel:

Ramada Plaza Minneapolis

1330 Industrial Blvd. NE

Minneapolis, MN  55413

(612) 331-1900



  • Each team will consist of four individuals. One team member must be from each age division: ages 9 to 13; ages 14 to 17; and ages 18 to 21. (Use contestant’s age as of the 1st day of the MN Beef Expo.) The additional team member may be from any of the three age divisions.
  • Teams must sign up during the contest registration period. Entry forms will be available in the Junior Show Office until 10 a.m. on Friday, October 20.
  • Each team will be responsible for bringing a heifer or steer to use in the competition. Heifers and steers are not to be groomed but should be washed and dried. Animals will be checked before the competition begins. Please listen to the loud speakers for information on when to bring the animal to the show ring.
  • Each team must provide their own fitting equipment. Once the contest begins, no team member may leave the area and no additional equipment may be brought into the area.
  • Once the fitting area is designated for each team by the contest officials, the team may set up their grooming chute and supplies in their designated area. These items should be in place at least 5 minutes prior to the announced starting time of the contest.
  • Each team will be allowed 30 minutes to fit their animal.
  • Each team member must fit a leg, use the clippers and blower.
  • All fitting and grooming techniques must be within the accepted practices of the IAFE National Code of Show Ring Ethics.
  • Once the animal has been groomed and time is called, the team will stand at the head of the animal until the judges get to them to review their animal. When the judges arrive, the animal needs to be taken out of the chute and presented by the team. Judges will be encouraged to ask one question per team member at this time. Each team member must answer one question.
  • Judging will be by a three-member panel of judges based on 50 points maximum from each judge. Each judge shall total their score and rank the contestants in numerical order on the basis of their score. (Highest score first, lowest score last.)
  • The rankings (not the score) of the three judges shall be added for each team, and the final placings determined by the lowest composite rankings. Actual scores will be used only to break ties. In the event the participants are still tied, they shall be named co-winners and two awards will be given for that placing and none for the following placing.
  • Points will be awarded as follows:

   - Ability to fit - 20 points

   - Participation of each team member - 10 points

   - Overall effectiveness - 10 points

   - Organization of supplies & equipment - 5 points

   - Knowledge & response to questions - 5 points


Mark your calendar for this popular event! The Sullivan Supply’s Stock Show University and Fitting Contest is the perfect opportunity to fine-tune your fitting skills. Download the entry form here. The Seminar will be on Thursday at 2 pm and the contest on Friday. Join us for both!


Plan on attending the Sullivan Supply Stock Show University fitting seminar on Thursday, October 19 at 2:00 pm in the Warner Coliseum where you learn from some of the best fitters in the Midwest. Regardless of your skill level, we promise you will walk away with something new in your toolbox! And the Sullivan Supply professors are committed to helping everyone – the seminar doesn’t end until every last question is answered. No pre-registration is necessary; just join us in the bleachers.


On Friday, Sullivan Supply will host the annual Minnesota Beef Expo Fitting Contest. Put together a team of four friends and put your fitting skills to the test. You won’t want to miss the awesome prizes that Sullivan puts together each year. Plus, top-fitting honors equals major bragging rights! And just participating in the contest helps you earn points in the Premier Exhibitor contest.


The fitting contest will be start at 12:30 in the Warner Coliseum Arena. Cattle and chutes can start entering the arena at noon and must be in place by 12:15. We will accept fitting contest entries until 10 am the day of the contest in the junior show office.



Questions? Please contact:

Virginia Mold

(651) 643-6476


Thursday, October 19

2:00 pm - Stock Show University Fitting Seminar


Friday, October 20

10 am – Registration closes

Noon – Chute & supply set up begins

12:15 – All contestants must be in place

12:30 – Fitting Contest begins