How do I sign up cattle?

Entering cattle is easy with our online system. Registration will open on August 24. Please click on the “Online Registration” tab on the top of the page. Please note that, all cattle must be pre-registered online to show. There will be no exceptions. Online registrations will close at noon on Sunday, October 15. If you miss the entry deadline, you will not be able to exhibit cattle at the 2017 show with the exception of cattle bought on Saturday’s sale.


Enter your cattle by October 13 at noon to be eligible for the early entry fee of $40. All entries after noon on October 13 until noon on October 15 will be accepted for late entry fee of $60.


Substitutions can be made during check-in but must be left in the name of the original exhibitor. We will not be able to add new exhibitors into our system after the registration closes. Scratches may also be made during check-in on Thursday and Friday. If you are having issues registering online, please contact us immediately so we can help.


When can I start stalling?

Barns will open for stalling on Wednesday, October 18 from 3 -8 pm. They will reopen on Thursday, October 19 from 8 am to 8 pm and again from 6 am on Friday, October 20. If you arrive later than 8 pm on Wednesday, October 18 or Thursday, October 19, please bring animals immediately to tie-outs. You may not start stalling until you get designated stalls in the show office. All cattle must be checked in and stalled by noon on Friday.


I won’t be able to make it right away on Thursday morning, but I really want a specific place in the barn. Can I call and reserve a space?

No. We’ve done stalling in a lot of different ways over the years and we have found that having the Expo staff stall cattle as they come in is the best process. That means you need to be there to get stalls and that no stalls will be slotted until 3 pm on Wednesday afternoon. Stop by the Junior Show Office as soon as you get on the grounds and we will get you taken care. Please do not unload your cattle or start moving in until you have your stalls.


On the same topic, we don’t stall by breed. You can stall next to whomever you want. We like to keep things casual around here. But, we do tend to get tight on space, so please  be considerate of the people around you. The barns get full with over 800 head and this is one situation where we need everyone’s cooperation.


What do I need to bring for check-in? And when is it?

We’ve made some changes to our check-in process this year to make it easier for everyone! We will start the check-in process on Thursday. Stop by the Junior Show office on Thursday from 10 am - 6 pm or Friday from 8am - Noon to get checked in. If you have a purebred animal, please bring your registration papers so we can verify them.


We do understand it is sale season and know the registration process can take some time, so we are flexible on what we accept for official registration. If you bought the animal on a sale last week but the animal isn’t transferred in your name yet, that’s fine. Please just have the original registration paper to show us. If you sent in your registration information to your association, but don’t have the actual paper yet even though it’s in their online system, that’s fine, too. Just please have it pulled up and ready to go on your phone or iPad.


I am planning on doing showmanship. I paid for it online, why do I need to check in at the office too?

We’ve been running this show for 16 years, and we’ve found that check-in for showmanship is necessary to make sure we have even class sizes and that it runs smoothly. Every year, almost one-third of the exhibitors who “pre-enter” for showmanship drop out during check-in and our class breaks get reconfigured two hours before the show. And you know what? That’s just fine. You had the best intentions to do showmanship and for some reason, it just isn’t going to work. That’s why we require check-in for showmanship.


We sure appreciate when you take the time to pre-enter and pay for showmanship when you register online, but it’s not required. Showmanship check-in will be open during check-in on Thursday and until noon on Friday. If you do not confirm yes or no by noon on Friday, we will remove you from the competition.


What about tie-outs? Do I need to bring bedding? How do I get them?

We have tie-outs covered for you. Tie-out fees are $20/head and do include the bedding. They are located on the east side of the hog barn. Please purchase your tie-out slots when your pre-register online. Similar to the stalling process, tie-outs are done on a first-come/first-serve basis. We will have a ticket booth set up at the tie-outs. Please stop there once you are unloaded to get your tie-out location.


I really want to attend, but I don’t have a calf to show yet. Is there anything I can do?

That’s a great question. We know that the Expo is a prime learning opportunity for a lot of youth so we have made it easy for you to jump right in and participate. First, consider coming to our sale on Saturday. You’ll be impressed with the quality of cattle. We’ve seen a lot of the sale cattle go on to be breed champions at the MN State Fair the next fall. And, if you buy a sale calf, you can show the next day for free!

Otherwise, if you can borrow a heifer from a friend, you’re welcome to show in the showmanship contest.


And, there’s plenty of other ways to stay busy. Try out the judging contest or fitting contest or if you are new to the beef business, join us for the MYBEP Beef Industry Ideas & Insights Symposium on Thursday night. You’ll leave there much more confident in your beef industry knowledge.


Can I camp on the fairgrounds during the Expo?

YES! We’re happy to accept campers during the Expo weekend. There is a $25 fee/night. Please stop by the Junior Show Office during the Expo to get your campsite and pay.


What about hotels? What is the best place to stay nearby?

Luckily, there are quite a few options nearby, but if you are looking for a great place to stay for great deal, check out the Ramada Plaza Minneapolis. Due to the popularity, the room block has been filled at the discounted rate. Feel free to call to reserve a room at the standard rate, subject to availability. Call 612-331-1900 to reserve rooms.


Do animals need to be TB tested?

Animals that are from Minnesota do not need to be TB tested. The only requirements are that if you are out of state that you meet your requirements going back home.


I really want to judge in the judging contest, but I don’t have a team to join. Can I still participate?

Yes! Individuals can definitely participate and compete on their own. We’d love to have you join us.


I don’t see my breed listed on the entry form. Can I still exhibit?

Yes, all breeds that have less than five animals in a breed or don't have sponsorships will fall into the All Other Breeds category. They will still compete against other animals of the same age.


Can I just come to the fitting workshop presented by Sullivan Supply and not participate in the contest?

Of course, in fact, that’s what most people do! It’s meant to be a learning opportunity for both new and veteran show people. We welcome anyone to the workshop whether or not they plan to compete on a team!


What is the Minnesota Youth Beef Experience Program (MYBEP)?

MYBEP awards heifer calves to FFA, 4-H and Jr. Breed Association youth ages 12 to 16 who complete an online application. Each winner is responsible for raising, breeding and maintaining complete records on care of the animal while providing monthly progress reports to the original owner and the Minnesota Beef Expo. The breeders who donated heifers will also serve as mentors to the MYBEP youth. In 2015, we awarded the 100th heifer since the program's inception in 2004, with 12 being presented that year.


I bought an animal at the Supreme Row Sale and I want to show it the Sunday’s show. What do I need to do?

As soon as you get the winning bid and pay for your animal, you can stop by the table outside of the sale ring to sign up with the Beef Expo staff. Please don’t wait until the sale is over, otherwise, you can expect a line. We will be at a marked table near the Eberspachers Enterprises check out area. If you are hoping to buy an animal to show the next day, PLEASE HAVE THE EXHIBITOR'S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ON HAND. We are required to collect the SS number of all exhibitors for prize purposes. If you do not visit the table to register your sale heifer, you will be unable to show in the Junior Show the next day.

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