The Minnesota Beef Ambassador Team will promote beef and farming to consumers as they develop skills of leadership, communication and self-confidence. The program spotlights the positive impact cattle farming has on our health, economy and environment. The Minnesota Beef Ambassador Team will consist of the Senior MN Beef Ambassador Winner and two team members and a Junior Beef Ambassador.


Competition Judging Areas

1. Media Interview - The contestant will participate in a mock media interview. The interviewer will have pre-determined questions to ask each contestant with the option to ask follow-up questions in order to receive additional knowledge or clarify a point. A panel of judges will observe the interaction for: knowledge, articulation, poise and the contestant’s ability to “Tell the Beef Production Story” and present beef and farming in a positive light.


2. Consumer Event - A mock consumer event will be set up for the contestants. Each contestant will be provided with a beef sample, beef literature and recipes. Interested “consumers” will approach the table. They will ask pre-determined questions to test the contestant’s knowledge, capacity to interact with the public, and ability to present beef in a positive light. A panel of judges will observe and score each contestant on their ability to educate the consumer and provide the consumers with the appropriate information to answer their questions. Each contestant will have 5 minutes to interact with the “Consumers” who will ask questions. Contestants are able to ask the consumers questions to engage a deeper dialogue about beef, and are encouraged to do so.


3. Social & Traditional Media Response to Beef Industry Topics: Contestants will be provided with a list of beef industry topics (For example: Beef Nutrition) once their application is submitted.  The day of the contest, they will draw a topic out from this list and write a blog post and Facebook post or Tweet.  The judges will score the contestants on their ability to incorporate beef industry information and how relateable that message would be with consumers.  Contestants will not be allowed to use any printed materials/resources, or the internet during this section of the competition and will have 30 minutes to write their blog & Facebook post or Tweet.









Questions may be directed to:

   Jennifer Schiefelbein



MN Beef Council

Royalee or Kaye

(763) 479-1011

COMPETITION SCHEDULE – Saturday, October 19, 2019


9:00 am – 9:15 am –
   Check in & instructions,
   CHS Miracle of Birth Center


9:30 am –
   Competition begins


5:00 pm –

Awards at Supreme Row Selection

Dinner, Warner Coliseum



Age Requirements:

Juniors Age 13-15

Seniors Age 16-19


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